A cable temperature controller with expanded functionality compared to the AURATON 2025 model. The controller has 8 independently configurable temperature settings, which enables a more accurate scheduling of operation of the heating system. The LCD display facilitates the use of the device. AURATON 2030 enables temperature setting in the manual, holiday, and anti-freeze mode.


  •  8 independent temperature settings in 24 hour periods, set with the accuracy of 1 minute. It enables adjusting the temperature precisely according to the time of the day.
  • Calibration of temperature settings.
    Temperature correction with the tolerance of ± 3 °C.
  • A backlit LCD display.
    Enables use of the device even in poorly lit rooms.
  • An improved holiday mode.
    Possibility to schedule heating prior to the return to the house.
  • Heating device operation time counter.



Technical data

A cable temperature controller AURATON 2030:

Operating temperature range: 0 – 45°C
Temperature measurement range: 4 – 35°C
Temperature control range: 4 – 30°C
Temperature setting accuracy: 0,2°C
Hysteresis: ±0,2°C / ±0,4°C
Number of temperature levels: 8 + holiday
Anti-freezing temperature: Yes (4° – 10°C)
Number of programs: 3
Operating cycle: Weekly
Operation status control: LCD display
Max. load current: ~8A
Power supply: 2 bat. AA 1,5V
IP IP 20

Technical consultancy

Tomasz Bohm
Technical Consultant


61 840 40 55