A cable temperature controller with a time counter to control the operation of the heating device. The controller has a backlit display for managing 7 independently configured programs. It enables setting 4 temperature settings: day, night, anti-freeze, and holiday. The Auraton room thermostat has a convenient holiday mode that facilitates management of the heating system during absence of the residents.


  • A 3-year warranty that enables software upgrades.
    Improved optimization of energy consumption and control algorithms. The warranty provides customers with constant access to the most recent versions of the software at minimized shipping costs.
  • A backlit LCD display.
    Enables use of the device even in poorly lit rooms.
  • An extensive holiday mode.
    From 1 hour to 99 days with independent temperature setting.
  • Heating device operation time counter.
  • AURATON 2025 P version – with a sensor on the cable, intended for floor heating.


Technical data

A cable temperature controller AURATON 2025:

Operating temperature range: 0 – 45°C
Temperature measurement range: 4 – 35°C
Temperature control range: 4 – 30°C
Temperature setting accuracy: 0,2°C
Hysteresis: ±0,2°C / ±0,4°C
Number of temperature levels: 2 + holiday
Anti-freezing temperature: Yes (0° – 10°C / off)
Number of programs: 9
Operating cycle: Weekly
Operation status control: LCD display
Max. load current: ~8A
Power supply: 2 bat. AA 1,5V
IP IP 20

Technical consultancy

Tomasz Bohm
Technical Consultant


61 840 40 55