Auraton is an experienced and constantly growing company that supplies high-quality thermostats. You set the desired room temperature and the thermostat maintains this temperature regardless of the weather conditions outside. If the room temperature begins to fall below the set value, the thermostat will send a signal to the pump controller, which will turn on the furnace. With the furnace turned on, your home will reach the desired temperature.

We offer both wired and wireless thermostats. With our thermostats, maintaining the right temperature is simple and allows you to save energy. Designed to be used in rooms, they are guaranteed to reduce heating costs and extend the life of heating and air conditioning devices. All Auraton products meet the highest quality criteria and utilise tried and tested technology. Auraton thermostats and the boiler controller are designed for maximum functionality and intuitive operation. Here at Auraton, we are sure that the devices we manufacture can serve you for many years, providing heat where you need it.

    Wide Range of Electronic Thermostats

    Simple and functional home automation for smart buildings is an investment for years. It will help you increase the comfort of everyday life, pay lower bills, and quickly adjust the temperature at home or in the office to your needs. Below you?ll find the properties and advantages of our thermostats ? different for each model. See product descriptions for details. Auraton Thermostats:

    • bezprzewodowe sterowanie ogrzewaniem podÅ‚ogowym,
    • operate under load up to 16A,
    • have a backlit LCD display,
    • stand out thanks to the advanced holiday mode,
    • allow you to adjust the temperature to suit the time of day,
    • have an operating time meter,
    • have a unique memory algorithm for on/off cycles,
    • provide interference-free communication between devices,
    • have the option of cyclically lowering the programmed temperature by 3°C for 6 hours. 

    Auraton Thermostats

    Both our wireless and wired thermostats are available at competitive prices. Invest in these solutions and in just a month you?ll see the improved thermal comfort and reduced heating costs. If you?re interested in modern underfloor heating, see the entire Auraton product range. Providing simple and practical temperature control systems is what we do best.