Auraton TRA is an electronic radiator head that works with the Auraton 200 TRA regulator. Auraton TRA is designed to be mounted on radiators equipped with M30x1.5 valves or, with a special adapter, on Danfoss RA-N valves (adapter included). Auraton TRA communicates wirelessly with Auraton 200 TRA controller to obtain information about the current room temperature. Comparing the temperature of the thermostat and the temperature in its surroundings, Auraton TRA decides when and in what proportion valve on radiator should be opened. Heads in one room should be paired with the same thermostat. Efficiency and accuracy, to maintain set temperature, increases with number of TRA heads.


  • The “FrostGuard” function prevents freezing of the room.
  • Interference-free communication between devices.
  • Bidirectional communication between devices for more accurate measurement and regulation.
  • Suitable for mounting on radiator inserts M30x1.5 and, with special adapter, on Danfoss RA-N valves (adapter included).


The Auraton 200R can not work with the Auraton TRA.
Only the Auraton 200 TRA regulator is compatible with the head.


Technical data

A wireless radiator head AURATON TRA:

Operation status control LED, sound
Power supply of  head 2 bat. AAA 1,5V
Radio frequency 868 MHz
Range of operation In a building – approx. 30 m;
in open field – up to 300 m


Technical consultancy

Tomasz Bohm
Technical Consultant


61 840 40 55