A wireless temperature controller with a programmable weekly schedule, with a state-of-the-art design. This room thermostat is equipped with a display that can be back-lit in three different colors, which facilitates both programming and use.

The AURATON R25 R temperature controller has a time counter to control the operation of the heating device and 10 independent (7 modified by the user) programs.
It has the useful holiday mode which facilitates managing the heating system during absence of the residents.


  • On/off cycle memory algorithm.
    A unique algorithm to analyze the heating cycle that enables saving the parameters from the last 24 hours of operation of the receiver. If there is no communication with the temperature controller, the receiver performs the program saved earlier, which makes it possible to fix any defect without noticeable loss of thermal comfort.
  • Interference-free communication between devices. Communication of wireless devices with the frequency of 868 MHz.
  • Work under a load of up to 16 A.
  • Negligible use of the relay’s contacts, thanks to the low-spark technology of the relay that can work under loads up to 16 A.
  • A backlit LCD display enables use of the device even in poorly lit rooms.
  • The expanded holiday mode makes it possible to set a holiday lasting from 1 hour to 99 days, with independent temperatures.
  • Heating device operation time counter.


Technical data

A wireless temperature controller AURATON R25 R:

Operating temperature range: 0 – 45°C
Temperature measurement range: 4 – 35°C
Temperature control range: 4 – 30°C
Temperature setting accuracy: 0,2°C
Hysteresis: ±0,2°C / ±0,4°C
Number of temperature levels: 2 + holiday
Anti-freezing temperature: Yes (4° – 10°C)
Number of programs: 9
Operating cycle: Weekly
Operation status control: LCD display
Max. load current: Depending on the receiver
Power supply – R25R controller: 2 bat. AA 1,5V
Range of operation: In a building – approx. 30 m;
in open field – up to 300 m
Radio frequency: 868 MHz
IP IP 20

Technical consultancy

Tomasz Bohm
Technical Consultant


61 840 40 55