AURATON 200 R is a wireless temperature controller intended for operation with receivers that use the LMS (Logic Management System) technology. As the smallest electronic thermostat available in the market, it does not affect the appearance of the room where it is installed. The temperature controller and receiver set work particularly well in the winter: the “FrostGuard” function prevents freezing of rooms.

AURATON 200 R has the function of a radio transmitter and works with receivers that use the LMS communication protocol, such as AURATON RT and AURATON 8000.


  • A “FrostGuard” function that prevents freezing.
  • Possible periodic reduction of programmed temperature by 3 °C for a period of 6 hours.
  • A backlit LCD display enables use of the device even in poorly lit rooms.
  • Interference-free communication between devices.
  • Communication of wireless devices with the frequency of 868 MHz.
  • Suitable for installation in a dia. 60 mm box or as a free-standing device.
  • Work under a load of up to 16 A.
    Negligible use of the relay’s contacts, thanks to the low-spark technology of the relay that can work under loads up to 16 A.
  • The smallest wireless temperature controller with a large LCD display offered in the market.



Technical data

A wireless temperature controller AURATON 200 R:

Operating temperature range: 0 – 45°C
Temperature measurement range: 0 – 35°C
Temperature control range: 7 – 35°C
Temperature setting accuracy: 0,2°C
Hysteresis: ±0,2°C
Number of temperature levels: 1
Anti-freezing temperature: “FrostGuard” function
Number of programs:
Operating cycle: 24-hours
Operation status control: LCD display
Max. load current: Depending on the receiver
Power supply – 200R controller: 2 bat. AAA 1,5V
Range of operation: In a building – approx. 30 m;
in open field – up to 300 m
Radio frequency: 868 MHz
IP IP 20

Technical consultancy

Tomasz Bohm
Technical Consultant


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