A central heating pump controller based on a microprocessor. The controller is intended for automatically switching on and off circulation pumps depending on the temperature. The controller-pump assembly forces the water to circulate in the central heating system with a coal-fired boiler or a gas boiler without a system controlling the operation of the pump.


  • Signalization of the operation of the pump.
  • Prevents “sweating” of the boiler.
  • Has a “GUARD” function that prevents jamming of unused pump.
  • Extended service life of the relay and resistance to interferences.


Technical data

Pump controller AURATON 1106:

Temperature control range: 25° – 55°C
Temperature measurement range: 25° – 55°C
Hysteresis: 5°C
Additional function: GUARD
Operation status control: LED
Maximum load current: ~6A
Power supply: ~230V AC, 50 Hz
IP IP 20

Technical consultancy

Tomasz Bohm
Technical Consultant


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