Advantages of floor heating

Installation of floor heating and a controller instead of traditional radiator has become more and more common thanks to their aesthetic values (no radiators on walls) but mostly due to high reliability and lower energy consumption compared to other heating systems. Moreover, the increasing degree of automation and availability of multifunctional controllers in floor heating make it one of the most common types of heating systems.


How does floor heating work?

Water pipes installed in the floor heat it up to a temperature that is higher than the temperature inside the room. Consequently, the entire floor becomes a big heater that emits heat evenly and warms up the air in the entire house.

This is a modern and very beneficial solution. The advantages of floor heating include

  1. Higher heat comfort: warm floor releases heat by radiation. Warm air is lighter and, consequently, rises evenly and heats up the entire room.
  2. The best from the point of view of human physiology: the temperature is the highest close to the feet and the lowest at the head level.
  3. A temperature about 2 °C lower than in the case of conventional heating ensures thermal comfort and reduces the consumption of fuel needed to generate heat.
  4. Floor heating is good for persons with allergies: warm air is not dispersed, there is no circulation, and consequently dust is not transported in the air.
  5. Nearly 100% of energy is transformed into heat.
  6. No components of the system are visible and all pipes and valves are concealed.
  7. Improved safety: there are no leaks or breakdowns during operation.
  8. Higher efficiency of equipment: heating equipment, such as heat pumps and condensing gas boilers work better at lower temperatures. Such conditions are present when floors are heated to temperatures usually not higher than 26 °C.

Floor heating is a modern approach to comfort heating. Use of our AURATON 8000 controller in floor heating systems makes management of heating systems very simple. AURATON 8000 controls 8 heating zones and works with Auraton wireless temperature controllers which ensures the best heating comfort for your home and your family.

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