How to save money on heating?

Poland has a variable climate. This often results in a need to heat spaces even in unusual months. In the recent years, due to low temperatures in the fall and winters extending until March, the heating season was significantly longer than usual. How can you save money on heating by using AURATON temperature controllers, despite increased operation of heating equipment?

The first effective method is to maintain a lower but constant temperature in the room during our absence at home. Thanks to this strategy we never return to a cold home and once we are there we can quickly warm it up to achieve the optimum temperature. This solution not only ensures appropriate comfort but also reduces the cost of energy and fuel needed for heating. Heating costs are certainly much higher when the temperature is constantly high or when the home needs to be reheated each time from low temperatures.

Most AURATON temperature controllers enable temporary setting of lower temperatures for a specified number of hours, e.g. at night or when we are at work. The models with 24-hour settings enable setting daily periods when the temperature is several degrees lower. Such settings will be implemented each day without the need to switch on the specific heating mode.

Another available option that ensures the maximum convenience and reduces the heating costs is models with weekly settings. For example, the Auraton 2025 RTH wireless temperature controller that has the HOLIDAY function enables setting lower temperatures for extended periods of time, up to 99 days. Of note is the fact that after a certain time the room thermostat goes back to the normal operation mode, i.e. the program set earlier. See the presentation of the Auraton 2025 electronic thermostat:

Temperature controllers that adjust the ambient temperature are not the only devices that facilitate significant reduction of the heating costs. The use of the Auraton H-1 handle as a device that works with the heating system is another smart way to save money. Each time we open a window equipped with the Auraton H-1 handle, the Auraton RTH receiver lowers the temperature in the room by 3 °C; when the window is opened for more than 30 seconds, the Auraton RTH receiver switches off the heating device. This is a smart solution that prevents energy losses and saves money by reducing the quantity of consumed fuel.

Room thermostats offered by Auraton are smart ways to save money. See how you can reduce the costs of heating of your home.

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