Auraton is a dynamically growing brand whose main objective is to use observations on the most recent trends in the heating trade to develop highly advanced home automation solutions

The solutions and systems offered by Auraton are designed to meet the requirements of modern buildings and contemporary customers. The company makes every effort to offer products that guarantee very cost efficient operation and give their users the highest satisfaction and pleasure, with minimum effort required to use them.

The person behind Auraton's success in the market is Andrzej Szymański who, in 1984, established the LARS company which for three generations has manufactured and distributed gas heating systems. Once the brand, at that time known as Euroster, gained a strong position in the market, it expanded its offer to include lighting and then temperature controllers and pump controllers. The Auraton brand creates its products from scratch: the devices are designed and improved and ready-made systems are offered. Thanks to its philosophy of continuous and dynamic growth and its wisely planned investments, since 2011 the company has been introducing innovative solutions; as a result, it has brought completely new products into the market.

For nearly 30 years, the company’s facility was located in Smochowice near Poznań; however, in 2014 the long-awaited move to Niepruszewo was made where a facility comprising a production building, warehouses, and offices, with total surface area of 2,500 square meters, is located. With the expansion of the manufacturing line, there are plans to further enlarge the facility.

The aim of the company is to create the best products tailored to customer needs.

Continuous development and the pursuit of excellence

We continuously conduct research and development of new products and the increase of their functionality and quality. Below are key dates in the history of our company.

Establishment of the LARS company
The sale of temperature regulators begins
Introduction of the first wireless temperature controller to the offer
Entering the European market and developing exports
Creating a development department
Launching the first thermostat completely designed and manufactured by Auraton
Beginning the construction of a new headquarters
Moving to Niepruszewo and production development

Family company

Our company has been involved in the Foundation of Family Companies from the very beginning. We are proud of over 50 years of history and development of our company, which has been growing for three generations. Together with a dozen other companies in Poland, we actively supported the creation of FBN Poland. FBN (Family Business Network) International is an international organization associating the largest, best-known companies and brands in the hands of families who are guided by family values ​​and ethics in business. The long history and the "family character" underlying our entire activity mean that for many years we have been perceived as a stable, loyal partner in business and other activities at home and abroad. We know that companies like ours are not just business, generating better financial results, high quality products and services. We believe that we have to fulfill the mission of supporting the stability of the economy and exerting a positive influence on local communities. That is why our company's, as well as private, resources and skills are often used to help those in need, to support environmental protection or to save human lives.

The Family Business Network

The Family Business Network International (FBN-I) is the largest international network of family businesses from around the world. Her activity is guided by the motto: Family Businesses for Family Businesses and aims to strengthen the success of family business from generation to generation.



Zgodnie z ustawą z dnia 29 lipca 2005r. o zużytym sprzęcie elektrycznym i elektronicznym, firma Lars wpisana została do rejestru Głównego Inspektoratu Ochrony Środowiska pod numerem E0001051W. Jednocześnie przystąpiliśmy do organizacji odzysku AURAEKO, której jesteśmy współzałożycielami.

Career in AURATON

Currently we are not recruiting any new employees but we encourage you to send applications to jobs for which we are not recruiting now. Send your application to us by email with your consent to process your personal data so that your application can be considered in future recruitment procedures.