Central heating pump controllers designed to work with the furnace guarantee convenient control and adjustment of domestic hot water pump operation or water circulation in the central heating systems. A modern central heating pump controller not only provides functionality – it is also the key to comfort and to keeping the building warm. At the same time, it significantly lowers the cost of heating. Another advantage of this range is the fact that Auraton furnace controllers are designed to ensure easy and intuitive operation. At Auraton, we are sure that our devices will serve you for many years. They deliver heat wherever you want it, in the amount you need.

Auraton Central Heating Pump Controller - types of Devices

Advanced home automation helps us in everyday life as we seek comfort, safety, and savings. Controllers for central heating furnaces are among the devices that help us fulfil these needs. We offer the following controllers:

  • AURATON PIR CR - a wireless controller of the circulation pump in the domestic hot water system activated by a motion sensor, 
  • AURATON S08 - a two-function pump controller for automatic switching on and off of the circulation pump depending on the temperature in the central heating system or in the domestic hot water system,
  • AURATON S10 - for opening and closing the valve within the hysteresis range of +/-5°C in a three-way valve, 
  • AURATON S14 - a multifunctional controller that works with central heating circulating pumps, 
  • AURATON 1106 - for automatic switching on and off of the central heating pump, 
  • AURATON 100 - a weekly multifunctional time switch with cyclic operation, for connecting and disconnecting the built-in 230V electrical socket. 

The Auraton product range also includes temperature sensors designed to work with controllers.

Increase Comfort, Control, and Security in Your Home

We offer central heating pump controllers at good, competitive prices.. Although the devices are high-tech, they are extremely easy to use. As a company with many years of experience, we focus on optimising operations, simplifying, and enhancing our customers? comfort. Everything we create is practical and can be managed by the user on their own. Take a look also at underfloor heating and thermostats. Create the perfect space where modern technology quietly makes your life easier.