Underfloor Heating

Looking to install underfloor heating in your home? The multifunctional Auraton devices allow you to control underfloor heating – with up to 8 heating zones. Thermoelectric controllers allow you to control the operation of heating loops and of central heating and domestic hot water pumps. Simplicity and functionality of the devices are additional assets. Both the operating system and the backlit LCD display of the underfloor heating controller are designed to be operated almost intuitively, and our thermostats and underfloor heating controllers can have accessories fitted to make managing the heating system in your home even more convenient. Take a look at our products and if you have any questions or need advice, contact our team.

Underfloor Heating - a Wide Range of Auraton Devices 

We offer:

  • wireless underfloor heating control,
  • wired underfloor heating control, 
  • thermoelectric actuators for underfloor heating,
  • optional devices and accessories such as electronic radiator heads, antennas, housings for the control strip, and window handles equipped with a radio transmitter. 

What properties do wireless and wired Auraton underfloor heating control systems have? Depending on the model, these include: 

  • controlling each heating zone with a thermostat located in a given room
  • heating cycle analysis algorithm, thanks to which the receiver's operating parameter from the last 24 hours is recorded,
  • controlling the central heating circulation pump and the central heating furnace via a relay with potential-free contacts, 
  • connecting several underfloor heating actuators per zone,
  • calibration of temperature indication,
  • scheduling heating in order to return to a warm home after your holiday, 
  • easy operation and DIN rail mounting,
  • PWM mode to minimise temperature fluctuations,
  • operation under load up to 16A. 

Simplicity, Comfort, and Better Air Circulation

Smart home automation to rozwiązania proste i jednocześnie bardzo funkcjonalne. Nasze sterowanie podłogowe może być stosowane po zamontowaniu:

  • trench radiators ? control: thermoelectric head and thermostat, 
  • underfloor heating ? control: control strips and thermostat,
  • heating mats or electric underfloor heating - control: receiver or actuator module and thermostat.

These solutions have become widespread in recent years, not only in homes, but also in flats, offices, and institutions. We encourage you to take a look at the excellent product range offered by Auraton and introduce some changes to your everyday life.