Smart Home Solutions

The new Auraton Smart product line was created to meet the real needs of real people who have flats, houses and families. The line offers a simple interface that is designed to simplify life and bring real savings and protection. The current range of products allows you to control devices related to heating, water and electricity.


energyENERGY – turn the light on and off without leaving the couch. Monitor energy consumption and control devices connected to sockets.


HEATING – optimize energy consumption, save on bills and maintain a comfortable temperature in every room.


WATER – protect your home against flooding with the Flood Sensor and the automatic Flood Sensor Valve



Internet getaway that adapts all the devices to the rythm of your home

Full control and feedback via the Auraton Smart App

Heater Controller

Manages hot tap water pumps, central heating pumps or any high-power devices with ON and OFF mode

Helps to save energy

Heat Monitor

Easy to use

Modern, minimalistic design

Monitors temperature in the whole room

No Internet, no problem – operates with Heater Controller & Radiator Controller even without WiFi connection, keeping steady temperature in the room

Radiator Controller

Easy to set up and use

Saves money on energy bills

Simple and effortless temperature control

Small size and square design allows it to be installed at floor heating manifolds

Free adapters included

Anti-blockage function

Child protection

Switch ONE
Switch TWO

Switch your home lighting on and off via your smartphone

Single and dual channel available

Universal – works with 12VDC & 230VAC devices

Monitors energy consumption & helps to save on energy bills

Discreet – fits in the mounting box


Flood Sensor

Alerts when flooding is detected

In case of flooding sends signal to Flood Sensor Valve to cut off the water, protecting your home

Design inspired by nature

Easily fits under cupboards, sinks and pipes


Safe to step-on – resistance up to 100kg

Up to 10 years battery lifespan

Flood Sensor Valve

Shuts-off water in case of flooding, preventing material losses

Dual power supply for flooding, preventing material losses

No Internet, no Mains power, no problem – when a paired with the Flood Sensor that detects flooding, the Flood Sensor Valve will shut-off water even without WiFi.

Auraton Smart App

Simple, wireless way to control and monitor your home devices

Created with the users for simple and intuitive navigation

Set different scenes and create zones within your home

For Android & iOS