A window handle with 4 distinct positions, fitted with a radio transmitter. When the window is opened, the receivers connected to the heating device or the air conditioner (AURATON RTH) receives information on the temperature and the position of the handle. The receivers are then actuated to adjust the temperature in the room according to the status of the window (fully open, closed, partly opened, and unsealed).


  • A factory-installed lithium battery of the highest quality. Ensures continuous operation of the controller for up to 20 years.
  • Interference-free communication between devices.
    The AURATON H-1 handle communicates with the receivers (RTA, RTF, RTH) at the 868 MHz frequency to ensure efficient and uninterrupted operation.


Cooperation with the heating system:

The AURATON H-1 handle works with the AURATON RTH receiver (connected to the heating device) and the AURATON T-1 controller.

  • Closed or unsealed window:
    The AURATON RTH receiver implements the setting of the T-1 temperature controller..
  • Partly opened window:
    When even one window is partly opened, the temperature set on the T-1 controller is reduced by 3 °C. The previous temperature is restored after all windows assigned to the RTH receiver are closed or unsealed.
    For example: The temperature set on the T-1 controller is equal to 21 °C. The window is partly opened using the H-1 handle or with the window position sensor. The controller reduces the temperature in the room to 18 °C.
  • Open window:
    When the window is opened for more than 30 seconds, AURATON RTH switches off the heating device. However, when the temperature in the room drops below 7 °C, regardless of the position of the windows, the heating device is switched back on so as to prevent complete cooling of the room.


Cooperation with an air conditioning system:

AURATON RTH connected to an air conditioning device with only the AURATON H-1 handle assigned.

  • Closed or unsealed window:
    The air conditioning system is switched on.
  • Partly opened or opened window:
    The AURATON RTH receives a signal to switch off the air conditioning system.


Technical data

Window handle AURATON H-1:

Temperature measurement range: 0° – 45°C
Power supply: Integrated lithium battery
Range of operation: In a building – approx. 30 m;
in open field – up to 300 m
Radio frequency: 868Mhz
Wiring diagrams
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Technical consultancy

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Technical Consultant


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